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Investment property real estate purchases are increasing at a furious pace with record low interest rates and foreign investors crowding the buyer pool.  With The Federal Reserve hinting at potential Federal Reserve Rate increases imminent in early 2016, now may be the perfect time to think about refinancing your DUPLEX, TRIPLEX, FOURPLEX MULTIFAMILY INCOME REAL ESTATE IN LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA

When refinancing residential multifamily income real estate (2-4 units) the bank will need a full documentation package on you (including credit, income and savings).  However, the bank will also consider a percentage of the free cash flow from the subject income producing property to be used toward the LTV ratio.  It is not too late to refinance or achieve a new loan on a multifamily income property.  Duplex, Triplex and Fourplex investment property values are soaring in Los Angeles County.  “We expect this trend to continue with the decreasing unemployment rate and increasing rents throughout Los Angeles even if rates were to rise considerably from here.”


Commercial Real Estate Los Angeles California—REFINANCE, LOAN, MORTGAGE


In the past 3 blog posts we have discussed the massive surge in multifamily income property investment real estate purchasing.  COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT (5 units and greater) is a top choice for many as the loan is more focussed on the subject investment property rather than the buyer.  COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOANS IN LOS ANGELES typically do require larger down payments then residential multifamily income properties (investment properties with less than 4 units). through its main website and Facebook Page can help you reach out to COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOAN & REFINANCE BROKERS through referrals from local real estate agents who have listings in your area.

With interest rates at multi-decade lows, now is the time to REFINANCE THE LOAN ON YOUR COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE.  Then buy more!  BUY and HOLD=Financial FREEDOM!

Los Angeles Investment Property Real Estate TOP REALTOR


When choosing a REALTOR to assist you in purchasing multifamily income investment property real estate in Los Angeles you need to pay attention to several topics.  The REALTOR who sold you your personal residence might not always be the best choice if they are not experienced in MULTIFAMILY INCOME INVESTMENT PROPERTY sales.  Many REALTORS have advanced designations such as a CCIM which makes them highly qualified to explain CAP Rates, Gross Rent Multipliers, Estoppel Certificates, Section 8  and Lease rules and guidelines.  At you can search neighborhoods you are interested in buying or selling Income producing INVESTMENT PROPERTY REAL ESTATE and find active REALTORS.  (CLICK THIS LINK TO START REVIEWING ACTIVE INVESTMENT PROPERTY REALTORS IN LOS ANGELES)

Los Angeles California has many highly trained Investment Property Realtors who specialize in  MultiFamily Income Property.  With you will have many at your finger tips!



INCOME PROPERTY in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA has become foreign real estate investors top choice.  Real estate brokers throughout Los Angeles are all reporting the same information of increasing interest from income property investors from mainland China and Hong Kong feverishly buying investment income property real estate throughout Los Angeles County. To quickly view INCOME INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE PROPERTY currently available for purchase in Los Angeles County please click this live link.

Majority of the foreign investment property buyers are purchasing with all cash offers and hiring local rental property management companies.  Many local brokers in Los Angeles who specialize in multifamily income property investing are hearing that the belief that the mainland China and Hong Kong real estate markets are over heated is driving foreign investment to Los Angeles.

Current Gross Rent Multipliers and CAP Rates of investment rental property in Los Angeles California are still very enticing in comparison to returns that can be gained in alternative investments.

DUPLEX MultiFamily Income Properties selling FAST in Los Angeles California June 2015 UPDATE


As of June 19, 2015 there are 943 multifamily income properties FOR SALE in Los Angeles California on the MLS. Of these income properties, 426 are DUPLEX multifamily income properties for sale.  As of today, (June 19, 2015) 47 of these listed multifamily income properties are priced under $300,000 in Los Angeles California.  To view descriptions, photos and contact the listing agents of these listed income properties please click here and visit

As of June 19, 2015 the MLS is reporting 628 MULTIFAMILY INCOME PROPERTIES currently under contract and in escrow.  As of January 1, 2015 the MLS reports 1,118 total multifamily income property CLOSED SALES with 628 of these closed sales being DUPLEX income properties.

With interest rates remaining low and plenty of inventory it looks like this extremely fast pace of sales will continue for several quarters to come.