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Investment Property, Apartment Buildings, Duplex, Triplex, For Sale Los Angeles California


Los Angeles California’s Investment Property real estate market continues to attract investors from mainland China looking to place their equity in the United States. has witnessed exponential increases in inquiries from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore over the past 12-18 months.

Most far east investors are looking for larger apartment buildings for sale in the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County regions of California.  Traditional valuation methods and CAP Rate analysis are being disregarded when the multifamily income property is in the correct location and in well kept condition.  This phenomena is making it very difficult for more conservative and traditional multifamily income property investors to compete.

The smaller residential investment properties such as DUPLEX, TRIPLEX and FOURPLEX investment properties are also being eaten up, often time by large real estate investment trusts which are bundling the properties. continues to receive record inquiries from potential sellers and buyers, always remember to check in with us first!  We have many highly skilled investment property Realtors in all cities covering Southern California we can refer you to!