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Duplex Investment Properties For Sale in Manhattan Beach California


Manhattan Beach California is an excellent city to invest in duplex, triplex and 4-plex multifamily investment properties.  Firstly, for the traditional reason: income/cash flow with great tax benefit.  Bet even more powerful is the appreciation due to constantly rising land values in Manhattan Beach.

Most of the duplex, triplex and 4-plex multi-family income properties are located in the sand section of Manhattan Beach.  These lots are typically 30×90 or 30×45 and a majority of the investment properties value is found within the land value alone.

Duplex investment property owners should expect to have almost zero vacancy  rate, yearly rising rents and receive many calls annually of new home developers looking to buy the property.

The same opportunity exists in Hermosa Beach and now even Redondo Beach where Duplex investment properties are becoming more and more difficult to purchase.

Duplex For Sale Los Angeles California

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