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No Rent Control Gardena California. Mediation/Arbitration.


Although the City of Gardena California is not subject to rent control and has created a Rent Mediation Arbitration process to assist in protecting fair housing processes.  By clicking this live link you will be forwarded to the City of Gardena Municipal Code Home Page.  After arriving at the Home Page click “Chapter 14 Housing”  here you will find everything you need to know as a tenant and landlord. has many investors navigating the Mediation and Arbitration city code with great success.  When followed fairly and ethically both the tenant and landlord can meet their goals.  Gardena is a city with a thriving residential income property market with massive demand for apartments because of the central location and extremely active and diligent Gardena Police Department’s Community Policing Program.  With an amazing Police, Fire and Public School system the City of Gardena is an amazing place to live and own investment property.

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