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Inglewood California…..MAGIC JOHNSON has not bought all the MultiFamily Duplex Income Property For Sale……YET !!


As most locals know, Magic Johnson has helped the city of Inglewood tremendously over the past few decades.  However, Magic primarily invests in commercial real estate and there are always a great inventory of Duplex residential income MultiFamily properties For Sale in Inglewood California.  Inglewood does NOT have RENT CONTROL and is a spectacular community for tenants and landlords to work symbiotically and harmoniously under the guidelines of Los Angeles Housing Authority’s SECTION 8 HOUSING CODE.

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Inglewood is in the southwestern region of Los Angeles County and is a great place to buy or sell multifamily, duplex, triplex, fourplex and larger commercial apartment properties. Its job industry, conveniences, and attractions make this a great place to live and there is a good market available to buy multifamily rental properties such as duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. These properties can bring in great income and can be sold quickly if you need to move your investments around. There is also no rent control in Inglewood.

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Inglewood’s population was 111,182 as of 2012. The estimated median household income in 2011 was $37,999 (it was $34,269 in 2000). This is lower than the California median which was $57,287 in 2011.

As a gateway to major commercial centers of the United States and internationally, Inglewood is in a unique position on the shore of the Pacific Rim. The Los Angeles International Airport is directly accessible by Inglewood’s Century Boulevard – one of the City’s busiest commercial corridors. Proximity to the airport, the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors, and four major freeways facilitate both domestic and international trade. There is accessibility to ship and receive by air, rail, or road and employees will be able to choose from affordable multifamily, single family and historic homes.

The city also enjoys being close to a variety of conveniences. The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is only 4 miles away. The local hospital is the Centinela Hospital Medical Center. There are many colleges near Inglewood, the biggest being United Education Institute-Huntington Park Campus with 9,540 Full time enrolled students 8 miles away.

Inglewood has many attractions – from concerts and events at the world renowned Forum to the growing entertainment complex at Hollywood Park. Inglewood is also positioned to offer the best of what makes Southern California’s lifestyle enviable. Inglewood is close to the beaches and major attractions like Disneyland, Universal Studios and Hollywood.

All of these features make Inglewood a great city to buy or sell multifamily investment rental properties such as duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and larger commercial apartment buildings. This vibrant, growing community has great attractions, a healthy work industry, and many renters. The density of the city and the desire for people to live here, make it an ideal location for multifamily living and the city does have great duplex, triplex, and fourplex properties.

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Hawthorne & Inglewood. No Rent Control.


Hawthorne and Inglewood are two cities located in Los Angeles County that do not have Rent Control.  Inglewood, California currently has a great inventory of multifamily duplex, triplex and fourplex income properties for sale.  With Magic Johnson’s interest and investment in the City of Inglewood over the past decade, the city has prospered tremendously.  The influx of REO properties has all but dried up and new commercial and residential development is popping up throughout the city again.

Hawthorne, California also currently has a nice inventory of multifamily duplex, triplex and fourplex income properties listed for sale.  The City of Hawthorne is working diligently to attract new business and improve the existing businesses through the Commercial Rehabilitation Program.  Many existing businesses have already received funding for improvements and many more are in the process of applying.

Hawthorne and Inglewood are two cities in Los Angeles County that multifamily income property investors must take a closer look at.  Both have phenomenal central locations, supportive pro-business city officials and extremely strong tenant populations with reasonable Gross Rent Multiplier and CAP Rate multifamily income property valuations.