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lawndale california multifamily duplex income property for sale

Lawndale California, AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING MultiFamily Duplex Income Property Market!


Lawndale California is one of those cities that we ALL know we should be buying MultiFamily Income Duplex, Triplex and Fourplex properties in.  Fifteen years from now we will be driving down Artesia Blvd telling our children and grand children….”You know that I could have bought that DUPLEX for $500,000 in 2014!”  Read a post I wrote a few months back for more explanation by clicking this live link.

Currently there are seventeen active MultiFamily Income Properties For Sale in Lawndale California, fifteen of these being Duplex MultiFamily homes for sale with median asking prices right around half a million.  Click this live link to view the current inventory of available MultiFamily Income Duplex Properties For Sale in Lawndale California.

With the luxury home Developers chomping at the bit again, more and more apartment buildings are being torn down to build multi-million dollar homes in the communities to the west.  Lawndale California is perfectly located, adjacent to some of the most desirable communities in Los Angeles County.  There is a BIG Bulls-EYE on Lawndale, just not sure how many people see it yet.

Lawndale California….the new frontier of income property investing?


Many southern California residents who live outside of the South Bay in Los Angeles County may believe they have never been to the City of Lawndale, California.  However, any Californian who has driven the stretch of the 405 freeway between Long Beach and LAX International airport has spent a few minutes (maybe longer depending on traffic!) in the city of Lawndale, as the 405 freeway cuts directly through the city for a few miles.

Between the decades of the early 1970’s and 1990’s Lawndale began transforming from a small bedroom community of single family homes into a City of duplex, triplex and fourplex multifamily income rental properties.  Since this re-development, property values have not kept pace with the other cities in the South Bay and rental rates have remained lower as well.  When the South Bay’s beach communities reached peak values in late 2006/early 2007, hungry investors pushed east into Lawndale.  With the entire country’s housing value bubble popping in 2009, the push into Lawndale quickly disintegrated.  However, now in 2014 with a slow and steady housing recovery having a tight grip on the area, the City of Lawndale once again is catching the eye and check books of many multifamily income property investors.

For multifamily income property investors Lawndale could be the next frontier.  With rental rates and property values skyrocketing in the neighboring cities of Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, Lawndale is starting to get the attention of developers and income property investors.  Geographically, the City of Lawndale is truly a jewel waiting to be shined.  Location, Location, Location the motto of most successful property investors, it is impossible to look at a map and not agree that the City of Lawndale has huge potential.