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—Distress Sales— North Hollywood & West Hollywood


North Hollywood and West Hollywood offer a huge stable tenant population, reasonable valuations and always an abundance of duplex, triplex and fourplex multifamily income property options for sale.

West Hollywood currently has over fifteen investment rental properties for sale, ranging from small duplexes starting at just over one million to large commercial apartment rental buildings listed for sale over five million.  However the purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of staying on top of Short Sale and Notice of Default (NOD) sales in neighborhoods you are invested in or looking to invest in.  Currently in North Hollywood there is a Short Sale duplex on Curson Avenue in escrow which was last listed at $582,000.  There is also a fourplex NOD Short Sale property in escrow last listed at $979,000 on Huntley Drive.  It might be a great idea to keep an eye on these two income properties, as Short Sales are notorious for being bought up by back-up buyers after the first escrow fails to perform.

North Hollywood currently has over thirty multifamily income properties listed for sale.  There is currently a huge inventory of great income producing duplex, triplex, fourplex properties, with several nice duplexes having asking list prices under $500,000.  There are currently four NOD and/or Short Sale multifamily properties last listed under $450,000 in escrow.  Using MultiFamilyOwl’s advanced search functions be sure to keep an eye on the status of these properties.