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San Bernardino Commercial Apartment Building Complex, Duplex multifamily income investment property for sale


San Bernardino County has quickly become the center of attention for many seasoned income multifamily investment property owners.  Lower Gross Rent Multipliers and the 91 freeway expansion making it easier for renters to access Los Angeles and Orange County high paying job markets are the two biggest motivators when MultiFamilyOwl polls its investors.

With very narrow inventories of multifamily Duplex, Triplex, 4-plex and certainly Commercial Apartment Buildings Complexes in the coastal communities of Los Angeles and Orange County, San Bernardino County is receiving much interest.   The inventory levels of available multifamily investment properties is always high in San Bernardino County but it might not be that way for long.

The 91 Freeway expansion is FINALLY nearing completion which will cut commute times for renters who are working in coastal Orange County and coastal Los Angeles County.  Allowing for higher incomes and eventual rents rising accordingly.  Currently CAP Rates and GRMs are anywhere from 15-30% lower than the coastal communities. receives emails and phone calls daily from investors looking to add to their multifamily income property profile.  Stay in touch!