Map View Los Angeles Ca multifamily Duplex Income Property For Sale

Los Angeles Ca Duplex MultiFamily Income Property For Sale (Map Search)

Los Angeles Ca duplex multifamily income property for sale (video) As most of MultiFamilyOwl’s followers know, we are making major improvements to MultiFamilyOwl’s mobile search functionality to help users find their next Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex multifamily income property more easily in Southern Ca !

In the video above we show you how to bypass typing in city names and utilize the mapping functions on your Galaxy or Iphone mobile device.  By later this week, users will also be capable of searching for Duplex, Triplex Fourplex multifamily income properties in ALL of San Diego County Ca !

All mobile improvements should be completed on MultiFamilyOWL by this Friday July 25th, please write us at if you have any other feedback on how MultiFamilyOWL can make your search for MultiFamily Income Properties FOR SALE in California more efficient.  As you can see, we listen and make improvements pretty quickly!

Thanks again for all the support and remember to give the “Hoots” !