Long Beach Ca Los Angeles multifamily duplex income property for sale

Long Beach Los Angeles Ca, MultiFamily (Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex) For Sale

This week Long Beach Ca in Los Angeles saw two multifamily Duplex, two multifamily Fourplex and one multifamily Triplex hit the MLS for sale.  One Duplex was listed at $275,000 and is located on N. Loma Vista Drive and the listing reports 1,076 sq’ living area built in 1919.  The second multifamily Duplex listed for sale is located on Cherry Avenue at $399,000 with the listing reporting 1,310sq’ living area built in 1945.

A Fourplex was listed on Corona Avenue at $700,000 with the listing reporting 1,533sq’ living area built in 1949.  The second multifamily Fourplex is on East Market Street listed at $530,000 boasting 4,146sq’ living area built in 1989 according to the listing.

Lastly, we saw a multifamily Triplex listed in FOR SALE in Long Beach Ca Los Angeles for $699,000 on Orange Avenue.  The listing reports 2,171sq’ living area and a year built of 1980.

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